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Estate planning is a comprehensive strategy for managing your assets and affairs during your lifetime and distributing them according to your wishes after you pass away. Everyone needs it, regardless of age or wealth.

Create a Well-Structured Will

Establish your wishes, such as guardian(s) of minor children, charitable giving, executor of your estate and other crucial details that will protect your legacy.

Appoint a Decision Maker

If you are unable to make decisions for yourself, decide who you trust with Power of Attorney over your finances and healthcare. 

Minimize Estate Taxes

Don't leave your heirs with hefty tax burdens. Estate taxes is a crucial component of any good estate plan.

Take Charge of Your Healthcare

Should you become incapacitated, the last thing you need is for someone who doesn't know you to make your medical decisions for you. Preparing advance directives avoids confusion. 

Select Your Beneficiaries

Minimize potential family conflicts by clearly communicating your intentions and decisions for your immediate, extended and/or blended family.

Decide Your Successor

If you own a business, you can create a smooth transition plan by appointing your successor in advance. 


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Avoid Probate

What is Estate Planning and Why is it Important?

In most states, your estate can be tied up in probate court. In extreme cases this can last for years. You don't want the state to make decisions about your legacy and how it will move forward. That is something that should be up to you. 
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